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In 2000, the first version of was released to the public, what has changed since then:

What has changed? The look for once, surely the simplicity of viewing and selecting activities and finding information; we now have even more updated content, new videos, photos, and testimonies, ours & yours, of life experiences in Venice. The security of an e-commerce platform that ensures the highest levels of protection and privacy for your online purchases.

What has not changed? Let's see it together with our brief history:

Founded on family values, we pride ourselves on fostering close-knit relationships with our clientele, as has been our tradition through generations. Whether face-to-face, via telephone or e-mail, our communication has always been personal, a trait we have brought into our online presence. Our primary objective is to extend the same level of personalized service and assistance, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the customer journey - before, during, and after their travels.


Ours has always been a family business, and the relationship with the customer if not direct, vis-à-vis, has always been by telephone or by e-mail. We wanted to continue this tradition online too. Our first goal was to maintain the same kind of personal contact we had with our clients right in our agency and to provide the same type and level of assistance as before, during and after the trip.

Our Venice office is readily available to cater to your needs, providing direct assistance through a variety of mediums: chat, WhatsApp, phone, and email. Every method of contact is designed to make you feel at ease while planning your dream vacation. Our contact information can be found here (link).

Competences in the Tourism Industry: With four decades of expertise in the tourism industry, we specialize in curating memorable inbound trips to Venice and other artistic cities of Italy. We consider ourselves not just as travel agents but as seasoned travelers passionate about sharing our knowledge and experiences

Territory knowledge: We are intimately acquainted with Venice, a city we know like the back of our hand. Our extensive understanding extends from the famous tourist spots to the less-explored corners of the city. We keep ourselves updated with recent events, openings, and festivities and are eager to recommend some quintessential Venetian restaurants and other local favorites. Discover insights, advice, ideas, and inspirations to plan your trip in our 'Explore Venice' section.

 Business Card: Our business card is a testament to our 40+ years of dedication and structured approach towards our work. Navigating through rapidly changing technologies and the surging number of online platforms has been a challenging journey. In an era where the tourism industry is dominated by large web platforms, we have continually evolved with VeniceWelcome, while preserving our unique identity. We have embraced new trends, updated our technology, and today, we are proud to present our revamped website, an amalgamation of our traditional values and the demands of the modern world.!

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