Burano Lace

Between history and legend

 The island of Burano is synonymous with colorful houses, typical sweets: the buranelli and good fish dishes served in quaint restaurants and then is known all over the world for the art of lace !!
Even today it is possible to see the lace-makers working out on the road, they are an attraction of the island and it is impossible not to stop and admire them while creating the very fine embroidery.
There are several legends that are told about the history of the lace of Burano, tells of mermaids and marine traditions and the repair of networks.
The first apparitions date back to the fifteenth century. and we talk about the famous lace of Burano tying it to the great European families and to the trousseau of dame became part of the kit of various European families of primary importance.

If you are visiting Venice do not miss the chance to get to Burano! You can reach the island by public transport, water buses, in about 45 minutes, or join us on a tour of the islands to visit also Murano and Torcello.

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