Murano Glass

The art of glassblowing

The art of glassblowing

The history of Venetian glass was born in the island of Torcello that since the 5th century AD it was called the "Grande Emporio" of the Lagoon. It is only around 982, this date and is found in an ancient document, which moves first in the city of Venice, in the Rialto area and then in Murano. Since then glass processing has always been one of the most profitable activities for Venice. The first furnaces in Murano were mostly located along the Rio dei Vetrai, where still today there are some.

With the passing of the years the working techniques have been perfected and some great masters will succeed in giving life to glass creations of exceptional beauty, making the works unique and inimitable.

Where to find the original Murano Glass in Venice Downtown

Pay attention where you buy glass if you are in Venice Downtown, most of time they are not original. Be wary if the price is too low and always ask for the certificate of guarantee.

Works created and made by the master glassmakers:
  • Schiavon
  • Pino Signoretto
  • Arnaldo Zanella
  • Sergio Costantini
  • Dino Rosin
  • Simone Cenedese
  • Oscar Zanetti
  • Giuliano Tosi
  • Alessandro Barbaro

The most important Murano family linked to the glass processing are the Barovier and it was in 1442 that Angelo Barovier, the undisputed master, managed to open his first furnace giving life to a new process obtaining the crystal.

The most famous Murano Glass Techniques:

  • Soffiato - Blowing
  • Cristallo di Murano
  • Murrine
  • Aventurine
  • Watermark
  • Filigrana
  • Sabbiato
  • Foglia d'oro e d'argento
  • Opalini

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