Church of Madonna dell'Orto

Church - Madonna dell'Orto

The name derives from a miraculous image of the Madonna who one scultore had placed in its house garden and that soon it began to being venerated from the inhabitants of sestriere. The church is fundamental stage in order to know the painting of Jacopo Robusti called the Tintoretto that here finally it was buried with the sons in the right chapel close to the main altar.

The construction engaged all the fifteenth century - changing an older building - and turning out one of the more typical structures of the Gotich Venice, as it demonstrates the tripartition of the facade.

The niches are instead Of Romanesque derivation in which the statues of the Twelve Apostles are placeda work by Delle Masegne. Going up on the bridge of forehead to the church and turning the look it is instead possible to recognize the bell tower and the great infuence of the Arabic culture on the Venetian architecture.