Tips about Venice: The Venice Welcome Travel blog

Tips about Venice is the VeniceWelcome Travel Blog: The Venice Welcome blog keeps you informed about the latest openings and events in the city. All Venetian activities and experiences, told by the locals and to be done with respect for the lagoon city.
Not only Venice, we also explore the surroundings to get to know the Veneto region a little better. 

Let's learn to love and respect Venice to preserve such beauty.
Tips from a local

The 10 Tips we give you are by real Venetians. Along with the recommendations some recommendations for visiting Venice respecting its fragility....

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Venetian Osterie and Bacari - The go-to place for Ciccheti (local nibbles), Wine and Drinks.

Join the Venetians for a ritual of obligation: a tour to Venice for Bacari and Osterie to taste the famous cicchetti...

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5 Things to Know

Tips and info about Feast of the Redeemer -...

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An all-Venetian experience

A jewel in the middle of the San Marco basin...

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