Public Transportation in Venice

Venice Vaporettos and Public Motoscafi

Where you can buy ACTV Tickets in Venice

You can buy the ACTV tickets at the Marco Polo Airport, Ferrovia/railway, Piazzale Roma, Rialto, Zattere, St. Mark's Vallaresso and Giardinetti, S.Zaccaria Danieli, Fondamente Nove, Lido S.M. Elisabetta, Burano, and Mestre railway station. You can also buy tickets from one of the many authorised sellers (tobacconists’, newspaper stores and some cafés): remember to stamp your ticket in the yellow machine before getting on the vaporetto. Tickets are sold on board the boats . If you find yourself on board without a ticket, inform the ACTV crew immediately so as to avoid paying a fine.

At the boat stop there are maps depicting the directions all boats stopping there are going: the vaporetto is an easy way to admire all the mansions and buildings that overlook the Grand Canal and the lagoon The Travel Cards are the most economical solution for people who want to get around Venice and its surroundings on Actv’s land and water services. To validate the card, hold the card near the white electronic card reader at the entrance to the vaporetto platform until you hear a beep.

They allow unlimited travel and can be used on all the services - both waterborne (except those of route 3, Alilaguna, Clodia, Fusina) and on land - that provide urban services within the municipality ("Comune") of Venice (land services on the Lido and in Mestre).

The Tourist Travel Card

Validity can be 1 way 75 minutes, 24,48 ,72 hours and 7 days from stamping, depending on the chosen tariff solution. Included in the price is the transport of one luggage item of up to 150 cm as the sum of its three dimensions.

75 min. 1 way: From €7.50

24-Hour Card: From €20.00

48-Hour Card: From €30.00

72-Hour Card: From €40.00

7-Days Card: From €60.00