Chiesa del Redentore - Giudecca

Tips and info on Church of the Redeemer

The Church of the Redeemer is located in Giudecca. Built in 1577 by the famous architect Andrea Palladio in thanks for the exit from the plague.

When visit the Chiesa del Redentore: Hours

Saturday: 10AM–4:45PM
Sunday Closed
Monday: 10AM–4:45PM
Tuesday: 10AM–4:45PM
Wednesday: 10AM–4:45PM
Thursday: 10AM–4:45PM
Friday: 10AM–4:45PM

What see inside:

Inside you can admire works by Domenico Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese, Palma il Giovane, Francesco Bassano, Alvise Vivarini, Pietro della Vecchia.

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