The Redentore Fireworks

Every 3rd Saturday of July

The Feast of the Redeemer is certainly the most heartfelt and lived-in Venetian festival and remains the most awaited event of the year.

The religious meaning has been accompanied by fun and entertainment for over 400 years. The fireworks, which are held on the night of the third Saturday of July, bring together Venetians and thousands of visitors, in front of that incredible stage that is the San Marco Basin.

Whether by boats, prepared and lit up for the party and moored in the Basin, or by the Venetian Palaces that host fantastic parties, you will be able to enjoy, starting at 11:30 pm, the fireworks lasting 40 minutes, fireworks that enchant illuminating spiers, domes, bell towers and monuments of Venice with cascades of colored lights.

If you are planning your holiday in this period, we advise you to book your transfers to / from your hotel and any excursions in the lagoon in advance. If you plan to include in your program a visit to the Basilica of San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale, or a romantic gondola ride combined with a guided walk, it is good to book early.

PROGRAM Feast of the Redeemer SATURDAY 20th JULY 2019

  • At 7.00 pm there is the opening of the votive bridge that connects the Zattere with the Chiesa del Redentore to the island of Giudecca.
  • At 11.30 pm - Fireworks display in the San Marco Basin

SUNDAY 21th  JULY  REGATTA of the Redeemer -  Giudecca Canal:

  • At 4:00pm Regatta of the Redeemer
  • At 7.00 pm - Votive Mass of the Redeemer Festival in Venice at the Redeemer Church on the island of Giudecca