The Regata Storica Rowing Race

Every 1st Sunday of September

Even now the Regata Storica is one of the most spectacular, picturesque and moving events of Venetian life, capable of both charming the tourists and exciting the locals.

As the multi-coloured boats speed past thousands of spectators, crowded along the banks, or in the floating stands, or even better in one of the boats moored along the Canal, an incessant babble acts as the soundtrack to the competition.

Many different competitions take place within the Regata Storica: the champions regatta in "gondolini", the regatta in "caorline", the women's regatta in "mascarete", the young rowers' regatta in "pupparini".

Regata Storica on Sunday September 2nd 2018

The Historical Parade Starts from St. Mark's Basin at 4 pm, along the Grand Canal to the Railway and Return.

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Where to watch the Regata Storica

For the upcoming Historical Regatta, there will be a floating viewing platform located in the Sant'Aponal area (near San Polo that can be accessed from Calle del Traghetto Madonnetta).

From the bleachers, you can catch the entire event, from the spectacular historical procession to the sport competition while having a perfect view of the Rialto Bridge.

Price Ticket

The cost of the ticket differs between residents in the City of Venice and non-residents:

  • Residents Adults: Euro 30,00
  • Children 6/18 Euro 15,00
  • FREE Under 6 free, with no seat assignment and accompanied by an adult.

  • Not Residents Adults:Euro 60,00
  • Children 6/18 Euro 30,00
  • FREE Under 6 free, with no seat assignment and accompanied by an adult.

Tickets online, Or by calling the Hellovenezia call center +39 041 2424

What recalls the Regata Storica

The Historical Regatta wants to remember the welcoming ceremonies in honor to Caterina Cornaro, wife of the King of Cyprus, when in 1489 she renounced her throne in favor of Venice. In the beautiful parade, along the whole Grand Canal, there are many typical colorful 1500s boats with the gondoliers in costume.

Aboard, the Doge, the Dogaressa Caterina Cornaro, and all the highest officers of the Venetian Magistrate are transported along the canal. It is a faithful representation of a glorious past when the Republic of Venice was one of the most powerful and influential one in the entire Mediterranean Sea.