Gondola Traghetto across the Grand Canal.

Another way of Public transport in Venice - Gondola Traghetto

We love the Traghetto in Venice, it's easy and it is the best way to cross the Grand Canal enjoying a short gondola ride!!

We have 7 points along the canal between Train Station to St. Mark's Basin:

  • Fondamenta S. Lucia Rail Station
  • San Marcuola - Fóndaco dei Turchi
  • San Samuele - Cà Rezzónico
  • *Campo Santa Maria del Giglio - Salute
  • *San Tomà - Santo Stefano
  • *Rialto Market - Cà D'Oro
  • Riva del Carbòn - Fondamente del Vin

*The most important Traghetti for tourist - During The Feast of Madonna della Salute a temporary bridge is built on boats crossing the Grand Canal from the Traghetto of Santa Maria del Giglio to Salute so thousands of people can make the pilgrimage


Find the "Traghetto" sign, usually posted close the pier along the canal and stay in line waiting for the gondola, normally you shouldn't have to wait long if the service is running. When the traghetto arrives you can get on board and find a place to sit. Pay your fare to the oarsman as you board.

Prices and Time

  • Weekdays: 7.30am - 8.00pm
  • Holidays: 8.30am - 7.30pm
  • Closed on Christmas Day and January 1st

  • The cost of the ferry service is € 0.70 for residents - Tourists € 2


Don't leave Venice without experience a Gondola-Ride!

Gondola Ride - Group Tour

From Euro 33.00

30-Minute Gondola Ride along Venice Waterways


Walking tour + Gondola

From Euro 56.00

St. Mark Square + 30 min. Gondola ride


Gondola Serenate Tour

From Euro 41.00

Italian & Venetians Songs during the entire ride



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